Small Business Hiring: Seasonal Hourly Jobs Receiving the Most Resumes, Says Indeed

Austin, Texas (December 9, 2015) – Hourly jobs are receiving the most resumes in November, with three of the top five in the mail and packing categories, according to data from job site Indeed’s Small Business Index.

The small business jobs that are getting the most applies are mail clerks, packers and packagers, secretaries (non-executive or medical), mail sorters and information clerks. This is based on jobs with at least 300 applicants.

“It’s no surprise that package and mail related jobs are popular in November and the holiday season,” said Jason Whitman, SVP at Indeed, who runs the small business client services team. “A lot of job seekers are looking for hourly roles this time of year, which is why those postings tend to be flooded with resumes.”

While hourly jobs are getting a lot of interest, highly specialized and niche jobs are the hardest positions for small businesses to fill in November. Thirty-two percent of veterinarian jobs were still open after 90 days. Ski patrol (31%) is next on the list, followed by photographers (30%), farmworkers (27%) and landscaping managers (27%).

“It takes time for small businesses to find talent for specialized roles,” Whitman said. “This type of talent tends to freelance or works independently or seasonally, so the pool of candidates is often small.”

Additional insights from Indeed’s November Small Business Index include:

Most in Demand Jobs (occupation):

  1. Transportation
  2. Sales
  3. Healthcare
  4. Computer and math
  5. Food services

Top Cities for Small Business Hiring:

  1. New York
  2. Houston
  3. Chicago
  4. Dallas
  5. San Francisco

Indeed works closely with small businesses to help them post jobs and hire talent. Its small business data represents U.S. companies that employ less than 500 people.





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