Job Postings Decline in All Industries; Education and Healthcare Jobs Fare the Best releases Industry Trends to help job seekers and employers navigate the job market

STAMFORD, CT – February 17, 2009 – announced today the release of Industry Trends, a unique view of job posting and job seeker trends in 12 major industries ( As the most comprehensive search engine for jobs, with over 12 million unique visitors per month in the US, Indeed’s Industry Trends provide an unrivalled perspective on the job market nationwide. Indeed’s data show that compared with 12 months ago the number of job postings in the US has declined in all industries, while Education and Healthcare have declined the least.

Industry Trends are a picture of job numbers and job seeker traffic in each industry – including top job titles, keyword searches and cities – and their changes over the last year. Industry Trends will help job seekers target their job searches more effectively and improve their chances of getting hired in today’s competitive job market. It will also help employers manage their recruitment advertising campaigns, giving them a better understanding of the supply and demand for jobs in their industry.

Healthcare is the largest industry, with 582,000 job postings in January 2009, followed by Information Technology with 396,000 postings. In the last 12 months, every industry experienced a decline in total job postings and the worst hit industries were Real Estate (down 58%), Accounting (down 53%), Financial Services (down 48%) and Hospitality (down 48%). The least affected were Education and Healthcare, with 9% and 8% declines, respectively.

January 2009 Industry Trends Report

All industries showed strong growth in job seeker traffic. Education, Construction, and Healthcare were the leaders, each of which saw a doubling of clicks in the last 12 months.

“Both job seekers and employers stand to benefit from our Industry Trends”, said Jason Whitman, VP of Client Services at Indeed. “If you’re working in a rapidly declining industry, it will help you identify industries in better shape to which you can try to transition. If you’re a recruiter, you can monitor job seeker traffic and see which jobs are getting the most traffic in your industry.”

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